Un Sasso nell’acqua


2010 Competition for a viewpoint in the Pó river . Piacenza
A city born and lived on the banks of the river. The river flows and is ever changing, it also sets boundaries. We cross rivers to get to the other side, and we journey on them, carried along by their flowing waters. To begin with, the river is still conceived as a limit. Two bridges connect this city to the Po Valley area further north. The first bridge is the oldest; its  armour-like  iron structure carries the railway . The second, still in phase of construction, offers a simple and practical solution that meets the needs of modern transport networks. The project proposal is for a new panoramic structure that lies  in-between the two bridges.
The pathway that leads to the observation point takes us on a journey which is itself loaded with meaning: new unusual observation points are now possible, from the edges we can look into the yawning space of the river bed.  We are then led across the river via a route that takes us away from the bridge and brings us back to the river banks. The project is defined by two key elements: the pathway, as integral to the observation point,  and the resting area,  arrival destination.

By investing both the panoramic spot and the journey that takes us there with the same importance we can see how the access route becomes a truly scenic route.

Design: Marzio Clementi+Juanvi Porcar

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