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 Inspired by nature (mount Fuji in Japan)  FUJI is a pot designed for the efficient and mindful chef. Fuji features a multifunctional lid that can be produced by sheet metal deep drawing technology for large-scale production. The FUJI cooking system features a pan and a lid. The lid is made by 3 elements: an external metallic lid , an inner dome lid (which comes with the option of different materials) and a steam release valve  cap that joins the two. The valve regulates the natural exit of the steam,  it controls the pressure and it  brings all the benefits of healthy cooking.

 Thanks to  its versatility, the inner dome lid  can be utilized as a serving bowl to present the dish. The conic shape of the lid can be handled comfortably; it can be either laid flat or on the side, as if it were a spinning top. The lid inner dome is produced in 4 different materials: inox, ceramic, earthenware and wood, giving the option of  different cooking outcomes, depending on the type of inner dome chosen.
Multifunctional lid in sheet metal deep drawing technology. The base of the pan is  3 mm deep, the lid is 2mm deep. The detailed design of all the individual elements is such that they are  optimized for daily usage and, when combined,  they fit perfectly together.   
FUJI Material
Inox :                                                    pan, exterior lid , inner dome lid, handle
Ceramic:                                             inner dome lid
Earthenware:                                   inner dome lid
Wood(bamboo):                             valve, handle

 Size                                                      Ø24 cm

design : Marzio Clementi  © ®


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