2012-Artzept “COOKING POT FOR ALL TIMES” Special Mention FUJI  Inspired by nature (mount Fuji in Japan)  FUJI is a pot designed for the efficient and mindful chef. Fuji features a multifunctional lid that can be produced by sheet metal deep drawing technology for large-scale production. The FUJI cooking system features a pan and a […]

DOT Expo synergy d.prize 2011

    This is a non-object that takes us on a journey: the discovery of our hidden passion for form, emotion anand colour. The protagonist of this project is colour: multiple unique, generates the motional relationship between the city and its visitors. Color is transformed from design attribute to product design to become a dot […]

The Game -Shinkenchiku-

Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition 2008 Judge: Rafael Moneo Mention highly Commended concept of Shinkechiku competition A game of 9 modules. each module with a 4×4 matrix spaces, 144 spaces where 576 wooden triangles are placed  where you wish.


2004 Aeroluoghi    Through partnerships of language, the reference points of the landscape, the rules of etiquette formulated, that build the anthropological place, is the “non-place” to create the shared identity of passengers, customers or travelers on Sunday  (Marc Augé) Barcelona: the suburbs of space-time existing in the current airports, not places generated by the […]