The International Competition 2012 Finalists   “Riqualificazione di Malga Fosse comune di Siror -passo Rolle” Re-qualification and Redevelopment  Malga Fosse Comune di Siror The alpine landscape offers two striking characteristics to the observer:   fragility and high sensitivity to any changes. The story of the Alpine landscape is one of  constant evolution. The last few decades […]


Competition New Building of the Executive Child Protection and Care for Family Institute Social Affairs of Mallorca- IMAS  – 2011 Access to the facility is done from the street Uruguay. Across a paved square reach a large porch that makes access to the building. A large hall in Double height that overlooks the courtyard. Functionally […]

Un Sasso nell’acqua

  2010 Competition for a viewpoint in the Pó river . Piacenza   A city born and lived on the banks of the river. The river flows and is ever changing, it also sets boundaries. We cross rivers to get to the other side, and we journey on them, carried along by their flowing waters. To begin with, the river is still conceived as a […]