Intramurs- La Sedeta-


2011 Contest for the improvement of open space and construction of a Youth Centre- La Sedeta- Barcelona

In the first level of analysis and interpretation planning we focus on the former textile factory Sedeta both historic building itself as well as a place that defines and shapes.
This interpretation leads us to identify the wall facing the street of San Antonio Maria Claret as part of the factory, despite being involved in several times over the years, we find that, in planning, set his mark on it fragile and do not let `s see how something dismembered, residual, the rest of the factory at the time occupied the whole island.
From here take the place of healing, urban level we could say, this crane northwest of the island with the intention of returning the unit to the historical remains on foot, through the recovery of the volume that built already existed at the time using the existing wall, incorporating it into the proposal and understand it at all times as a building and not as a “fence”.
The rules of the competition required us to create a basement underneath the square. We opted to renovate the old existing building so integral to the identity of the place, so we let the earth breathe in the open public square. This was a courageous re-design, instead of a new structure sweeping away the past, we have opted to keep in touch with the historical feel of the location.
Design: Marzio Clementi+Tamara Loviscek+Antonio Conejo+Juanvicente Porcar

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