International Design Competition 2015

This project proposal for the new Onaosi College considers the demolition and rebuilding of the existent residencial complex in synergy with the full requalification of the sourrounding area.

The  proposal is based on two concepts. The first is the desire to integrate the building with its surroundings. The second is the use the idea of “Domus”, with the first floor opening out to the landscape. The repetition of a single architectural element generates a compact perimeter that imparts a feeling of rational organisation.

Onaosi-01 Onaosi-02 Onaosi-03 Onaosi-04 Onaosi-05 Onaosi-06 Onaosi-07 Onaosi-08 Onaosi-09


2015  ©Design: Clementi-Porcar  © ®

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